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by Why Bother?

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released April 10, 2012

Nick Steinborn - Everything


all rights reserved



Why Bother? Hatfield, Pennsylvania

My name is Nick Steinborn. I play guitar and keyboard in a band called The Wonder Years. These are some songs I wrote.

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Track Name: Nothing Profound
I try but nothing comes to mind; I'm a blank slate. I'll pine over words by men more clever than I. They're not helping anyway. I guess I'm afraid of what I haven't tried to say. I don't think I could compile the right words to come out. Yea I have my doubts that my words will change anything. And no I don't have the will to be profound right now. The glass is cracked and leaking out. There's no hope left. I think I'm trying too hard to make my thoughts come out. And yea I doubt that you're listening anyway, but I'm still singing. Maybe I don't know who I'm singing to, but I think it's more for me. And maybe I won't write the right line for your skin. That would be too profound. I have my doubts.
Track Name: My New Skin
If I could take away this day, there'd be no hiding the pain. I'm just waiting for the scales to harden on my skin. So maybe this is growing up; I got my new skin. You know, I swam in the Atlantic the day you died. Maybe that was as close as I could be to you up in Jersey. While I laughed in the waves, it seems like you were just letting go. I might be afraid of where you went. I'm not getting in.
Track Name: Between Nothing and Barely Anything
I've been feeling something between nothing and barely anything for way too long. Guess I'll put on something sad so I can feel something more. Morose sounds better than indifference. I'll stick to what I'm used to and get myself down. I'll identify and replicate all those thoughts that made me weak. Now I'm back to where I used to be and it feels just like it should. Familiar waves of doubt and now I'm in too deep. Is it bad to be content with my misery? I shouldn't be, but it beats complacency. And I can't seem to pinpoint when things went this wrong. To be this broken for way too long. I'm drowning. I'm going down and I can't see the way out.

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